CH boilers maintenance service – frequently asked questions

We have been providing heating boiler maintenance service for many years. We know what the first signs of abnormalities in the operation of boilers are and the causes of CH boiler malfunctions. You will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about boiler operation below.

1. What kind of sheet metal is the internal body of the boiler made of?
The internal body of the boiler is made of certified P265GH 6mm thick boiler steel for standard boiler sizes. In high power boilers the same type of steel is used, but with a thickness of 8 mm.

2. Can I install a solid fuel fired boiler in a closed system?
Subject to the requirements stated in this manual, the boiler can be used in a closed system after fitting the appropriate safety devices in the central heating system or when the boiler is equipped with a cooling coil.
The Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure of 12 March 2009 on the amendment of the Regulation on technical conditions to be met by buildings and their location (Journal of Laws No. 56/2009 item 461 in paragraph 133, item 7) states: “It is forbidden to use a solid fuel boiler to supply a closed water heating system equipped with a diaphragm expansion vessel, except for a solid fuel boiler with a rated power of up to 300 kW equipped with an extra heat dissipation device.”
The Kamen boiler can be factory fitted with a built-in cooling coil (optional on special request), which enables the boiler to be installed in a closed system.
A common solution is to connect the boiler to an open system via a plate heat exchanger with a closed central heating system.

3. What is the cause of “knocking” in the charging boiler.
Knocking in the charging boiler is caused by local heating of water above the boiling temperature which is caused by poor circulation of water in the boiler.
Solutions to the situation may be as follows:
– increasing the speed of the circulation pump, or replacing it with a bigger pump;
– slower firing with less fuel;
– leveling the boiler;

4. Can the boiler be transported in the horizontal position?
No, the boiler should only be transported in the vertical position.

5. What to do, if the controller does not work?
Before starting to use the boiler read the operating instructions carefully. After that make sure that there is power in the power receptacle, check the condition of the fuse and replaced it, if necessary. If the controller still does not work, contact the controller manufacturer’s technical service.

6. What to do if the blower fan or fuel feeder does not work and you hear a buzz?
This is a typical symptom of damage to the starter capacitor. Buy a new capacitor of specified parameters and replace it. If problems persist, contact the manufacturer’s service department.

7. What to do if water is getting out of the boiler?

Water “leaking” from the boiler is most often the result of the so called sweating or condensation caused by temperature differences in the boiler. This phenomenon is most often manifested during first boiler start-up or after a prolonged downtime. To solve this problem, it is necessary to carry out the process of burning-in of the boiler, by firing  it up to the temperature of 70°C and maintaining such temperature for at least a few hours.

8. Why is smoke escaping from the boiler?
This may happen due to:
– too narrow cross-section or height of the chimney – check chimney patency, its parameters and whether or not the chimney does ends below the top roof ridge;
– contaminated boiler or chimney – clean the boiler or chimney ;
– insufficient flue draft, usually caused by too small chimney cross section or contamination – see above. It can also be caused by excessive closing of the flue gas vane located in the boiler smoke conduit, its setting must be adjusted accordingly;
– worn sealing material in the door or cleanout openings: replace the worn sealing material, because it is a consumable subject to regular replacement;

9. Why is it recommended to use three way and four-way valves?
These valves are used in central heating systems to mix the water returning from the heating system with the water supplying the system to raise the return temperature to the boiler above 55°C. The use of such valves extends the useful life of the boiler and increases its efficiency.

10. Why is there smoke getting into the fuel bin?
It is caused by a too low fuel level on the retort. Change fuel supply parameters on the controller as soon as possible, because sustaining the phenomenon can cause damage to the screw.

11. Why is partly burned fuel falling from the retort to the ash pan?
This is a result of too frequent fuel feeding to the burner, so that the unburned fuel is pushed to the ash pan by another portion of fuel. It may also be caused by a too small amount of air (increase the amount of air and observe the combustion process), low quality of fuel, uneven blowing of air into the furnace (blocked openings in the retort furnace, which should be cleaned).

12. What is the required moisture content in firewood?
In order to ensure optimum and trouble-free operation of the boiler, the wood should be seasoned for at least 2 years. Burning excessively moist wood produces large amounts of water vapor in the flue gases, which adversely affects the boiler and the chimney and can result in loss of warranty.

13. What fuel should be used in Kamen boilers?
The list of fuels for a specific boiler is on this web site on the respective product page as well as in the printed product catalog. For a detailed description of the fuels which can be used, refer to the boiler operating instructions and for boilers with an automatic feeder, in the feeder’s operating instructions.

14. What is the size of the packing cord for the boiler door?
Kamen boiler doors are fitted with glass packing in the form of a 15×15cm cord. When the packing is worn, it can be replaced without a problem. Remove the old cord, clean the groove from the residues, measure and cut the correct length of the new cord section and attach it to the previously cleaned groove, preferably using a fire-resistant adhesive.

15. Where can I buy a Kamen boiler?
A Kamen boiler is best bought from our distributor depending on where you live. You can find the list of distributors on this web site.

16. Where can I buy spare parts for Kamen boilers?
You can buy directly from us. Orders can be placed by phone, fax, email, or in person.

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