Ekoenergia cast iron feeder

Standard in boilers with up to 40 kW of power.

The second generation burner with a screw feeder is a solution that allows the use of a wide range of loose bulk fuels with grain size from 0 to 32mm. The basic fuel is coal with a grain size of 0 to 32mm (from fine coal to pea size). The burner without structural changes also works flawlessly with bio-fuels such as pellets. The feeder has a cast-iron design, whereas the screw is made of ductile cast iron. This increases the corrosion resistance, giving the user a longer service life and trouble-free operation. The use of cast iron reduces the operating noise of the feeder, the tendency to transmit vibrations and the susceptibility to temperature deformation is also reduced. The product in its current form is a refined and tested design, characterized by long service life, high reliability and universality.

Steel screw feeder – PPS

Standard in boilers above 40 kW of power.

The PPS solid fuel feeder is a device for feeding solid fuel with a screw from the bin directly to the furnace. The fuel is fed regularly and evenly, which results in economic operation and convenience of use. The feeder has a steel body and a steel screw fitted with a bent claw tip to facilitate removal of fuel from the knee. In addition, the furnace itself is made of refractory cast iron guaranteeing long-lasting and trouble-free operation. These types of feeders are characterized by quiet operation and high efficiency of eco-pea combustion.

Venma IGNIS pellet burner

Venma IGNIS burner is a modern burner designed to burn bio-fuels such as pellets, oats, etc. The burner is made of stainless steel and the removable furnace is made of heat resistant steel. The unit is characterized by high efficiency, automatic operation, comfort of use and low power consumption. The unit has a touch screen controller as a standard.

Additional options:

  • self-cleaning furnace (Venma COMFORT) for an extra charge;