Cooling coil

Cooling coil – closed system boilers.

Kamen boilers are also available in versions with a built-in cooling coil (optional, on special request). According to the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure it is permissible to install a solid fuel boiler of rated power up to 300kW in a closed system, if it is equipped with a device for dissipating excess heat. Kamen boilers with a built-in cooling coil are designed for installation in a closed system.

The cooling coil in the Kamen boilers is built into the top of the body, so every boiler in this version will be 7cm taller than the corresponding standard boiler.

Draft regulator

The draft regulator is an automatic thermostatic device designed to control boiler water temperature, which is an alternative to electronic controllers. The regulator, as a result of water temperature changes in the boiler, using a lever and chain, opens or closes a hinged flap in the lower doors of the boiler to increase or decrease the supply of air to the furnace. All Kamen boilers are factory-fitted for the optional installation of the draft regulator.

Room controller

The room controller is designed to control the CH, DHW and room temperature. The use of the controller provides convenient control of the indoor temperature and DHW temperature directly from the apartment without having to go down to the boiler room.

Ethernet module

The Ethernet module is designed for remote control of the boiler and CH system over the Internet or a local area network. The user controls the state of all boiler equipment in the boiler system on the computer screen, and the operation of each unit is presented in the form of animations and graphs

GSM module

The GSM module is designed for remote control of operation of the boiler and its system via a mobile phone, by sending relevant messages to the controller. The controller also sends text messages about all alarms.